Ministry Offices

Ministry Offices


Ministry of Foreign Affairs

-Tom Goudey
-Lanny Talbout

 The Shepard’s Party

– Naomi Ruth Spears



Ministry of Agriculture



Ministry of Finance

-Alex Zapherson
-Jackie Goudey Johnson


Ministry of Health




 Ministry of Commerce

– Jason Westley Hall


Ministry of Records

– Micky F


Ministry of General Affairs

-John Szymanski

-Kevin Juhas

-Kirk Edwin


Ministry of the Interior and Reign Relations





Ministry of Peace and Reconciliation

-Trent Sailor
-Marshal R


Ministry of Defense

-Christopher Michael Doherty


 Ministry of Education

-Frederick Sikes


 Ministry of Culture and Art

-Jackie Goudy Johnson


 Ministry of Shipping and Transportation

-Derek  William Davidson
-Gregg Johnson